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    1. Website purpose
    2. Address to Conscientious R&D workers
    3. How to Nominate Works
    Auditing "SCIENCE" website postings
    5. What are criteria of estimation?

1. Website Purpose

The progress of Science and Technology is important to humanity's future survival. Many useful modern artifacts (TV-radio, the Internet, motorized ground vehicles, aircraft and spacecraft, skyscrapers) and safe/nutritious foods and medicines are their offspring.
In the USA, the Federal Government dedicates a lot of it collected tax money to funding huge R&D of new ideas, innovations and technologies. Since the end of World War II, the geopolitical influence of the USA has been promoted by the progress of modern Science and Technology. Simply stated, American R&D translates into influence on the world-public.
If Americans truly desire an improving Standard of Living in a peaceful world, with the USA functioning successfully as a world leader in R&D, then the monetary support for R&D must be enlarged, not merely maintained at its present-day level.
Unfortunately, as in most Government-funded fields of endeavor, there are unwanted and undesirable drains on funds: waste and the depredations of swindlers masked by PR-savvy individuals as well as gigantic public organizations skilled in manipulating the American public's apprehensions of Science and Technology. Such persons and organizations only imitate true Science and Technology R&D, producing worthless reports, shallow essays, useless reference workssuccinctly, they waste time, energy, scientific equipment and the taxpayer's patience!
America's R&D personnel, both in the private and public sector, seem quite averse to speaking out in public or publishing assessment of such easily observable frauds on the USA's "robbed" taxpayers!


Auditing "SCIENCE" depends on honest investigators to report the outrageous abuse of the American taxpayer!
Briefly, the website of Auditing "SCIENCE" has these purposes:
(1) To foster the development of innovations in Science and Technology R&D by helping to prune wasteful pseudo-R&D funded by taxes.
(2) To impose an omnipresent informed scrutiny of every nominated, already funded R&D that utilized public monies.
(3) To broadcastvia the dedicated website and by other appropriate means of communicationto the public's news reporting organizations our opinions regarding tax-supported BAD R&D.
(4) Auditing "SCIENCE" will, from time to time, award a "Pseudo-Nobel Prize" for R&D that is BADinaccurate, sloppy, PR-hyped work that misleads and makes poorer the American taxpayer!
(5) Auditing "SCIENCE" will offer advice, tips, opinions and sound methods to IMPROVE the USA's Science and Technology R&D funding.
(6) Auditing "SCIENCE" strongly asserts that individuals, using their own monetary resources, can do R&D that will be widely adopted when discovered to be useful by the public. Already there are organizations, both public and private, that defend the right of consumers. However, today, there are no powerful organizations that defend taxpayers against rip-off artists! We hope that other nations will follow the lead of Auditing "SCIENCE"!

2. Address to Conscientious R&D workers

Dear Colleagues:
National governments worldwide spend more and more tax monies on Science and Technology R&D. Their efforts are applauded and appreciated by the organizing Committee of Auditing "SCIENCE"! However, these efforts globally are often marred and flawed by a significant amount of actual dishonesty amongst grant-awarding organizations and R&D grant receivers. People everywhere suspect they are being ripped-off, and that suspicion feeds a growing public dissatisfaction with many of the personalities and PR firms promoting the activities of non-producing R&D "specialists"! Ultimately, BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG SCIENCE, BIG TECHNOLOGY irritates taxpayers! Auditing "SCIENCE" urges our esteemed colleagues to provide this website with examples, proof of wasted money focused in Science and Technology R&D.

Science Committee of Auditing "Science"

3. How to Nominate Works

Please send the pertinent info to our Scientific Committee, by email at:

4. Auditing "SCIENCE" website postings

All reports submitted to our website will be examined by our attorney to prevent the website's persecution if the examined report might subject the website to legal action in USA courts. They will produce to our experts for the estimation of a scientific value and real cost of nominated works. The Science Committee will award "Pseudo-Nobel Prize" organizations and their leaders who funded and awarded pseudo-scientific works. The Science Committee also informs the press, the USA Government, the USA Congress, the USA General Prosecutor, the other organizations, and the scientists about its decisions.
The Auditing "Science" intent to consider the following kinds of reports:
(1) ONLY reports that were funded by USA taxpayers (government) will be investigated.
(2) ONLY reports that are fully documented by the nominator will be accepted.
(3) ONLY reports offering accurate details on pseudo-R&D are desired, anticipated and acceptable.
We ask (if it is possibility) the nominator to present his understanding why this work is pseudo-scientific, scientific mistakes founded in work, his estimation the real cost of this work and opposed better non-funded works, made in same or early time. We ask to inform us who, when, and how much funded the presented pseudo-scientific work? Address of funding organization and names of its leaders.

5. What are criteria of estimation?

The Science Committee will be used the following criteria for estimation of science works:
1) Is this author idea or innovations (or inventions)? If researches did not contain a new idea, how is this idea old? How much are scientific works related to this idea? What innovations (or possible inventions) the applicant includes in this idea?
2) Are there new scientific results in this research (new mathematical model of phenomena, new equations, computations, estimations)? Has this idea a perspective? If award or grant was more $100,000, did researcher make the model or development type? What are scientific works about this topic which contain the good results but rejected by the funded or awarded organization?
3) Is it published the main results and a value of funding (or grant) for this research in scientific journals?

Science Committee

Citizens Against Government Waste is the nation's largest taxpayer watchdog group with over one million members and supporters nationwide. It is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in government. CAGW has helped save taxpayers $825 billion!

Pseudo-Nobel Prize-2005---Investigation activity of NIAC--- World Press about NIAC
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